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Why Mobile

Why should your business have a mobile app?

What are you using to get your customers to buy? 
If your answer is just a standard website, then it’s time to make some changes! There is a reason some companies are thriving while your company is just sitting there and the answer to that is mobile. Mobile technology and mobile websites are the future and the future is now. You can’t grow a business in today’s industry just using the phone book or a standard website – you need mobile technology as well.

The Advantages of Mobile Apps for Businesses

A website that is not optimized for mobile access will lose customers. Customers do not want to squint, scrounge and attempt to read a site that isn't made for a mobile phone. They want to be able to see your company products, find contact information and perhaps even place an order – all without firing up a traditional PC in order to do it. Mobile websites are completely optimized for mobile phone users, which means menus are compact, contact information is easy to find and content is organized to a mobile phone screen, rather than a PC. Customers are able to browse from anywhere, any time and on any mobile device – which makes your site more popular than the guys not using mobile technology.

J3 Mobile Apps Can Help?

When you use a mobile site, don’t forget to add on mobile applications as well. With hundreds of thousands of mobile application downloads happening each week, it’s time to jump into the new industry. With mobile applications you can:

  • Send instant notifications to customers who have your app downloaded
  • Promote, offer the latest deals and even share coupons that compel customers to buy today
  • Advertise for free as many times as you want for the month – no extra fees charged to you or your company
  • Integrate with social media so that users can share notifications with family and friends and turn your site viral in an instant
  • Create virtual reminders or even flyers that keep customers in-the-know instantly
  • …and more!

So what are you waiting for? Get into the mobile industry today and make your brand identity stand out from the rest. With a mobile site paired with J3 Mobile Application Technology, the possibilities are literally endless for your company.

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