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About J3 Solutions Group LLc


J3 Communications Group was founded in 2006 and has over 40 years of combined experience in the telecom and marketing industry. J3 has supported and maintained 1000's of telecom clients since 2006. J3 later made the decision to branch out and offer their customers more products therefore creating J3 Solutions Group LLc as the MAIN company with several beneficial products all under one umbrella. After several years of working with our business customers we noticed that so many of our customers did not have a web presence or needed some assistance in branding themselves. We made the decision to add additional services to better serve you! Now we can offer healthy products, merchant services, advertising, accounting, bookkeeping, business insurance, health insurance for employees, social media tools, legal help, tax help, mobile marketing, savings on your electric bill and so much more!  J3 Solutions Group LLc...is the one point of contact you will ever need!


We are not a re-seller. Unlike the re-seller programs, when you purchase services from J3 Communications Group or J3 Solutions Group, a National Authorized Solution Provider, you remain a loyal customer of the carrier of your choice and receive the network management, customer care and billing with the personal touch of having one solution provider as your one point of contact. Allow us to alleviate the need for you to have 4 or 5 different reps to contact for your products...no need to wait on hold to check on issues with your account...we got you! That one point of contact would be your very own J3 Account Executive. 


Have you ever been in a situation where your services are down and your phone equipment is with one vendor, your phone service is with another and your phone system is with even another vendor….and all parties involved are pointing fingers as to who is the blame for your company being out of service? There is nothing like having to make one phone call when having such issues. We will do all the troubleshooting and leg work for you allowing you to keep the MAIN thing the MAIN thing which is your BUSINESS!


In today's economy, it's crucial that you use your valuable resources wisely and realize a higher return on your communications and marketing investment. As you can see, there is no need to switch your current services because we are authorized partners and have built relationships with the best in the industry. Let us be the last point of contact you will ever need!


Let's Talk About One of Our Main Products   


J3 Mobile Apps is a subsidiary of J3 Solutions Group LLc. J3 was founded on the principal of being the one point of contact for all your business needs which is why we realized that the mobile app industry is a billion dollar decision to offer our business customers more. J3 Mobile Apps is making mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses. We’re a do-it-yourself mobile app platform that allows small businesses to easily create, edit, and manage an iPhone and Android app online without any programming knowledge needed. The mobile app industry is exploding and businesses of every kind are looking to create a mobile presence with smart phone applications. Large and medium sized businesses may be able to afford expensive mobile development costs but what about small businesses? J3 Mobile Apps is here to help.


At J3 Mobile Apps we provide high-end, affordable iPhone and Android applications to small businesses that are looking to expand their existing marketing efforts. We have a system established that will allow us to offer iPhone and Android application development, hosting, marketing, and maintenance of the same caliber that large development companies take advantage of, at a very affordable rate.


Who cares about this? Why?


Small businesses care about this because iPhone and Android app development is extremely expensive. The mobile app industry is exploding and for most only large businesses can afford to create a mobile application until now. This is where J3 Mobile Apps comes in – we’re allowing small business to create an iPhone and Android app for very affordable rates beginning at just $29+ a month! But WAIT...there is MORE Exciting NEWS! Are you too busy to build your own app? No problem, we can build a high impact affordable app for you. Take a look at our pricing and decide which J3 Mobile App Package is best for you. Want to see some already completed apps? Take a look at our Live Demo page and our Gallery. Got questions? Schedule a free consultation here.

Thank you for taking the time to check out J3 Solutions Group LLc | J3 Mobile Apps

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